A hairy night at the Grammys

I have to say that the Grammys ranked way above the Baftas in the style stakes this year, and for me it was all about the hair.

The award for beauty queen of the night went to Julianne Hough who, wearing this patterned Malandrino dress, kept her hair effortlessly pinned back for a romantic look. Derek's sister and Ryan Seacrest's gf is now firmly one to watch for forthcoming events.

Other contenders in the up-do corner were newly single Eva Longoria (who was also wearing some ah-mazing lashes) and wondered-where-you'd-got-to Natasha Bedingfield, who both sported elegant, classic styles.

Where down-do's were concerned, however, Selena Gomez won hands 'down'. And from this picture it's pretty obvious why. She was followed closely by Nicole Kidman, who I don't think has looked this good in a long time. Is it obvious that I'm a fan of hair that's of the long and wavey variety?

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