Christmas beauty wishlist

So, Christmas is 19 days away today, or 16 if you're going by how many doors are left to open on my advent calendar... After countless hours browsing the net looking for potential gift ideas, my list is finally complete. Once I know what I'm getting, however, I much prefer to do my Christmas shopping manually rather than electronically (unless, of course, there is just a too-good-to-miss offer online).   

While selflessly shopping for my nearest and dearest, I couldn't help but notice a few little goodies that I wouldn't be too unhappy about if they just happened to make their way under my tree...

1. Nars Pure Matte lipstick in Madere, £18.50, for a long-lasting, natural pout.

Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil, £27 plus free delivery, is the infamous oil recommended by Victoria Beckham for super silky, luscious skin. Light oil is my go-to body luxury at the moment as opposed to creams.

Love Heart tea lights, £6 for a set of six, will look adorable on my dressing table while pampering for festive nights out.

Xen Tan Dark Lotion, 236ml, £29.50 plus free delivery, is the tan-of-the moment, recommended by beauty bloggers the world over.

Moroccan Oil treatment for all hair types, £30.45 for 100ml plus free delivery. One of my aims in life is to get super glossy locks ala Nicole Scherzinger, and this will put me on the right path.
Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise home candle, £38 - pure bliss.

Girls Aloud for Eylure Kimberley lashes, £5.19, for a touch of glam on NYE.

What's on your wishlist this Christmas?

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