Golden Globes 2012: The best hair and beauty looks

The beginning of a new year means just one thing in Hollywood... show season. Yes, it's that time of year again where the saying "how the other half live" becomes all too clear. But it's a guilty pleasure all the same. Now, I could pretend here that I cared about who won what and how well Ricky Gervais was received (ok, I might care a little bit about the latter - I'm all for bringing the rich and famous down a peg or two, however jealous I might be of their hair) but what I really care about at awards ceremonies is who's wearing who, the diamonds and, of course, the hair and make-up.

Here's my favourite hair and beauty looks of this year's Golden Globes...

Images courtesy of glamourmagazine.co.uk 
Thoughts? xo

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