Cocoa butter – Jergens vs Palmers

With the cold snap now upon us, the time has come to invest in a rich body lotion to keep dry skin at bay. I've always been a big cocoa butter fan and have always relied on my trusty Palmers Cocoa Butter to get me through winter. But, with celeb favourite Jergens Naturals Cocoa Butter Lotion now on the map, I've been tempted to see if there's a lot of difference between the two brands.

I became familiar with Jergens Naturals a few months back after reading Lauren Conrad was a fan. Then, after reading a posts by fellow blogger London Beauty Queen, I knew it was about time I discovered what the fuss was about.

So, after failing to find it in Boots (I wanted my Advantage points), I ventured over to Superdrug. And, as I love all things cocoa butter, it wasn't difficult for me to choose it from Jergens' four other types on the shelf. There was just one question... was it going to beat my old cocoa butter favourite by Palmers?

Yes and no. Not only did the cream sink into my skin super fast, it also kept it hydrated and smelling lovely all day. I find with Palmers that although it smells gorgeous, it takes a while longer to soak into the skin. On the other hand, you do get more for your money.

And, to be honest, if it's good enough for Miss Conrad, it's certainly good enough for Lost in Beauty, and I'll definitely be trying the other body lotions in the Jergens range.

Which do you prefer?


*I've linked these products to the Superdrug website as it seems to be the cheapest place I have found them. Happy trying! x

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  1. I love jergens too i been using it since i was lil :)!... check out my page too for make-up & Skin care