Who made the cut?

What better way to kick off a new beauty site than to pay homage to the best celebrity hair & beauty endorsements of 2010 

Now, you’re probably gonna pick up on this as time goes by so I’m just gonna put it out there – I heart Cheryl Cole. I know, I know, I’ll try not to let this interfere with future celeb-offs but I’m afraid sometimes she is just head and shoulders (geddit?) above the rest. Admittedly, followed closely by the stunning Jessica Alba, I think you’ll agree that this time she is in fact ‘worth’ the winning place.

1. Cheryl Cole – Being asked to be the new face of the world’s largest beauty brand must have been a big ‘pinch me’ moment for the Girls Aloud star. Following in the footsteps of her predecessors such as Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria Parker and Penelope Cruz, Cole is now herself on her way to becoming part of the A-List elite. Well, L’Oréal must love her too as she is now on her second campaign for the brand. Here’s to a third, and fourth, and, ok, sorry.

2. Jessica Alba – I was first introduced to the latest face of Revlon when I saw the film Honey, recommended to me by my best friend many moons ago at uni. Honey was one of Alba’s first big screen roles (albeit I think it went straight to DVD) and I remember thinking what a natural beauty she was. Now, 14 films later (according to Wikipedia), she is a household name, and fully deserving of her Revlon crown.

3. Davina McCall – McCall has come a long way since her ‘Streetmate’ days, and I personally thought she looked fantastic in her Garnier Nutrisse TV ad campaign for the brand. With no more Big Brother, I can’t help thinking what’s next for the presenter. Maybe fronting more hair & beauty campaigns is right up her Street?

4. Reese Witherspoon – I won’t lie, I was quite shocked when it emerged that Witherspoon was the new face of Avon. I just didn’t think it would be her thing, what with Avon not being a leading consumer brand and all – I mean you can’t even buy it in Boots. But maybe that was the point, I know that since Witherspoon has fronted Avon’s TV campaigns she has drawn in a wider audience. I for one have become much more interested in the brand. I’m yet to buy anything – mainly because I don’t know an ‘Avon lady’ – but now that I can shop online here, I’ve no excuse. And neither have you.

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