Twice as nice

It’s been just over 18 months since Cheryl Cole graced the covers of British Vogue for the first time – a time when critics doubted her staying power. Some thought her popularity wouldn’t last and wondered how she deserved her place as a cover girl for THE fashion bible. Suffice to say, she has proved the critics wrong and has now officially made her mark as a style and beauty icon.

I absolutely love what the style team at Vogue have done with Cole in the shoot (yes, of course I bought the issue as soon as it hit the shelves) – she looks fantastic considering it was shot just a couple of days before she was struck down with malaria. Thank god for Photoshop, eh? But nevertheless, I am dying to know what make-up was used – I’m predicting a L’Oréal lip, but what else? I much prefer it to her debut cover. Devine. Great work team Vogue.

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