Get celeb-perfect brows

I'm a reality TV addict. Be it Keeping up with...,  Peter Andre, Kendra (basically anything on E! or ITV2). It's one of my few(!) vices, but a vice none the less. I get the upmost pleasure out of them, whether it's laughing at/with or envying the celeb in question, so it came as a complete surprise to me tonight that, whilst watching What Katie Did Next, I actually learnt something.

I learnt that having the perfect brows can really transform your face. I'm not talking about Miss Price's own brows (obv). For those of you that missed it, Price enrolled for a day with brow specialists HD Brows as part of her latest mission to become a beautician. Now, I know that having tidy brows can do wonders for framing the face, but this was something else. I was amazed at what the professionals could do with even the most non-existent of brows.

See for yourself.

Apparently HD Brows is a favourite among many celebs, and I feel it's necessary to spread the word amongst us mere mortals.

Find your nearest HD Brows salon here.

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  1. Shaping and filling your brows can really transform your face! I have only recently started filling them, with a dark brown eye shadow and small angled brush. Now I really notice the difference when I don't do it! I need to invest in a proper brow kit!