Celebrity-inspired hair...

Ever get that 'urgh' feeling about your hair? Well, I'm having one of those days/weeks/months. Since uni (a scarily six years ago), I've had a long, brunette, layered look. Boring, right? So I've recently been after some hair inspiration, whether it's maintaining my colour but adding lighter pieces or opting for a different shade, or going for a radical cut (by radical, obviously I mean shoulder length) or lighter hue.

Here are a few celebrity manes that I'm currently crushing on...

Eva Longoria's hair always looks super glossy... and I love the lighter pieces at the front, giving it texture. And seeing this picture really makes me want to master rollers!
Kate Middleton – another brunette beauty.
I've questioned recently whether long hair is a bit young and girly for my almost 27 years but, after seeing these recent pictures,  I'm inclined to keep the length but try and opt for different ways to style. Which in Kate's case, means I may have dust off the tongs that haven't seen the light of day since I bought them and lost patience with them like five years ago...

Ah, Cheryl Cole.
I have a love/hate relationship with Chezza's locks. I hate that she looks amazing whatever the colour or style (ok, let's forget the early GA days of dreadlocks and scraped-back chav styles).  But I love that it's interesting to see what she'll have done next. Suppose that's a bonus of being a L'OrĂ©al girl – different hair colours on tap done by a pro. This would look great for summer; perhaps only if I was Cheryl Cole.

Jessica Alba is my guilty pleasure.
Not only do I love seeing pictures of Jessica and her gorgeous little family out and about, but I also love to see how she's wearing her hair and what she's wearing – from family days at the park to glamourous occasions such as Paris Fashion Week. I like the length of Jessica's hair here – mid-length but also long enough to create different looks. Her lighter hue is also a contender.

Decisions decisions...


  1. I absolutely adore Cheryls locks and think a couple of lighter slices would look gorge for summer time! Do it! :) xxx

    1. I'm really tempted to! But i'll probably end up spending a fortune on having it done as I'd want it done super well! xxx