Cheryl Cole – hair chameleon

So it seems Cheryl Cole's hair has been getting the VIP treatment of late - firstly she opted for a blonde bob after the whole X Factor hoopla, then not so long ago she was spotted looking every bit the blonde bombshell with long locks for a friend's birthday. And just as we were getting used to that, there's a revert back to brunette for her latest video. Is that all? No, actually. Don't forget the recent stunning Marie Claire cover shoot, where she's back to mid-length blonde highlights. Phew... oh! and then to dip-dye ends for her latest Stylist shoot.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a hair stylist with you at the drop of hat who knows exactly what style will make you look hot, or hotter, or just suit you in general.. Because let's face it, albeit the brunette style in her latest video is a teeny bit OTT, she looks pretty damn hot in each style/colour.

Which is your favourite Cheryl look? xo

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  1. I absolutely love her hair in the Stylist Pick image but my fav has to be the colour she's sporting for her new video...chocolate brown looks so good on her! xxx