Magazine freebies

As I've probably mentioned before, I love reading magazines. I even set out with every intention of going clothes shopping yesterday morning, and what did I come back with... Elle magazine and a pasta pot from Boots (which, while I'm on the subject, is doing great food at the mo). Basically, give me some food and a mag and I'm happy. It even broke my heart a little the other week when I decided to have a big bedroom clearout and begrudgingly edited my magazine collection down to just one draw rather than a big stack on my dressing table.

Anyway, the point of this post is to explain my joy that
Marie Claire and In Style are offering two of my favourite beauty products with their June issues. The Body Shop body butter with Marie Claire and Nails Inc nail polish with In Style. But the hard part is deciding which scent and shade to pick. I'm leaning towards the Mango butter and the Fashion Fawn polish. What did you pick?

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