Legs go undercover

I love a good recommendation, whether it's a stunning hotel, a delicious recipe or an hours-of-fun iPhone App (Horse Frenzy in case you were wondering - thank me later). This time, however, it was a must-have beauty product. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to be precise.

Me and the girls went to the races for the day recently to celebrate me being on the wrong side of 25. For me, a dress was the only answer to a sunny day out at a smart event, but with it came the slight horror of my still-in-winter-hibernation legs being on show. Fake tan's a great way to combat the fear, but it never seems to look right on my legs, meaning I can get away with using it on a night out but not through the day. Enter Airbrush Legs. My colleague mentioned she'd used it a while back, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

The result? Bloody fantastic, until the sun hit my legs. While I was inside, and even sometimes outside, the coverage looked amazing - it's a light formula that really creates what it says on the tin - flawless yet natural airbrushed legs. When the sun shone, however, so did my legs, with a sparkling glow. Apparently it's a new take on the original product but, after reading a few reviews, there seems to be a lot of hope Sally Hansen will revert back to its previous formula. I agree, but it won't stop me using it, I still think it's genius. My friend was so impressed she asked me what I used and went out and got it to wear on a hen do, so the shimmer won't put everyone off.

Have you tried it?

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