A stroke of genius: Ruby & Millie foundation brush

When it comes to applying make-up, I wish I could say I'm a pro at perfectly blending, sculpting and shading, but the truth is I'm quite lazy. I do my usual seven minute routine in the morning before work and that's it. I don't even carry make-up in my handbag unless it's a Saturday night out or if I know I'll be going for an Orange Wednesday with the girls after work. I like to think I make up for it by spending more time on it for special occasions..! So, I was surprised last week when I found myself eyeing up foundation brushes in Boots. I've read time and time again how it's a great tool to help create better coverage and staying power but, for me, it just seemed time consuming. Using your fingers helps create that "dewy" look after all, right?

But after much deliberation over which to choose, I settled on this one by Ruby & Millie, mainly because I use the brand's fabulous i-Define brush, folding brow and lash comb and eyeshadow brush. It goes without saying that it takes longer to apply the foundation, especially because this particular version seemed to soak up quite a bit of the foundation. However, I was pleased with the result - good even coverage that lasted. Now I can't promise I'll use it every day, as most mornings I just want to get it on as quick as possible... but I am at least using it for weekends and nights out...

    Boots is offering 75% off all Ruby & Millie products at the moment, so click here to get yours now.

    Do you have a favourite foundation brush?

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