Boots pairs up Dove and Nails Inc


Every girl needs a good summer coral nail colour, right? Well try Nails Inc's Copacabana shade on for size. It's the perfect addition to my (rapidly increasing) nail polish collection and, better still, it didn't cost me a penny! Well, technically it did, as I had to buy this Dove Go Fresh deodorant to get it free, but we always need deodorant, right?! Anyway, I love the colour so much that I've literally worn it all week. With our crappy UK "summer" weather recently, it really brightens up a simple outfit. See below for what it looks like with just one coat!

As for Dove's Go Fresh deodorant... well, if the weather isn't saying it's summer, this deodorant sure is, with the zesty citrus fruit smell ensuring I stayed fresh all day long. I'm a big fan of Dove deodorants as they are kind to skin, meaning irritated underarms are avoided. Result!

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