My Next big thing

When it comes to perfumes, I like to think I'm pretty loyal (or I at least go through long periods wearing the same one...!). But a recent visit to Next apparently tells me otherwise. I've always heard good things here and there about its perfumes, but I was adamant I wouldn't part with my "signature" scent(s).

Finding myself in Next the other day, however, and in the name of research, I went and had a little smell around the perfume section. And apparently one sniff of this gorgeous floral Adore perfume and I'd become fickle. While I'd never abandon my old favourite altogether (we have history, it's just not an option..), I was hooked instantly, especially at the price (£10). It's not even a compromise on quality as it smells so gorgeous. It stays on pretty well, too. I'd say Adore is probably more of a day scent than for evening but, at £10 for 100ml, I've been wearing it all the time.

Next does lots of other perfumes too (click here) if floral scents aren't your bag, as well as gift sets, perfect for Christmas. Diamonds and Just Pink are also on my "to buy" list. As presents, of course.

Are you a fan of Next perfumes?