New love for lipstick

I read countless magazines, and the makeup advice is always the same – play up either the eye or the lip, never both (unless of course a fierce Halloween look calls for it). And there was a time when I'd automatically reach for the black/grey/brown eyeshadow combo. I have a small-ish mouth you see and, until around three or four months ago, I had slightly crooked teeth (as always, something that was more noticeable to me than anyone else, blah blah) so for me, it was a no brainer what to focus my makeup look on. Recently, however, after getting my teeth fixed and whitened slightly (didn't quite fancy the Ross from Friends look...), I've been experimenting with a few lip colours, which I took advantage of on a recent holiday.

My staples at the moment come from the fabulous Kate Moss for Rimmel London collection. Numbers 02 05 (above left) and 03 are my go-to shades, and I'm dying to build up the confidence to wear number 01, the shade Kate wears in the TV ad for the range. Very vamp and sophisticated.

The on-trend colours are intensley pigmented and leave a smooth, moisturising finish, although I found I had to reapply quite often on holiday when the all-inclusive cocktails were flowing freely..! But generally, they are long-lasting, and I'm enjoying creating new looks and experimenting with my makeup a bit more and, at £5.49, I can do it without breaking the bank.

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