Tesco to launch instore hair & beauty service

Ladies, you'll soon be able to get your nails and hair did while doing the food shop, as Tesco is currently in the process of launching a hair salon and nail bar within its stores. So let me get this straight, I can get my three favourite things (food, hair and nails) done at once? Talk about killing three birds with one stone...! Genius. In theory.

I have to say that, although the concept sounds great, I do enjoy the service that comes with my usual salons, and I'm not so sure I could get my head around getting my hair done in a supermarket. But, in these times of austerity and if the price is right, who knows?

According to Tesco's beauty category manager it's been a long time coming. "We recognise the beauty market is a huge opportunity and we know there is a lot more we can be offering our customers," he says. "We know beauty treatments are very popular with many people these days, and we feel the convenience of great value and quality services from manicures to full waxing and styling could be a success with customers."

The concept is currently being trialled at stores in Wembley, Cambridge Bar Hill, Milton Keys and Manchester (Walken) but, with prices ranging from £12.50 to £20, maybe this will be an idea that sticks.


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