Baths are Lush

I don't know about anyone else, but Lush products seemed to be a popular choice of present amongst family and friends this Christmas, with myself also being a lucky recipient of one of its scrumptious smelling gift boxes, the Gingerbread House.

Usually, when buying bathroom goodies – bubble bath, shower creams and so on, I gravitate towards Boots. I must point out that I LOVE products (hence Lost in Beauty), but I'd much rather shop for them under one roof (hence Boots). This is partly because I'm a lazy shopper and partly because the shopping centre is closer to my house than the city centre, which means I have Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams to choose from, which is also the reason I've never, until the Gingerbread House, tried Lush.

And what a treat it's been. Creating huge bubbles and a GORGEOUS aroma that I could smell from downstairs, I thought they were going to be all smell and no action. But they were surprisingly moisturising and relaxing.

All in all, a big hit. I would, however, like to keep Lush as a treat for special occasions. But when I say special occasions, I mean nights out, not just Christmas from now on!


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