Palmer's scrubs up well

I'm such a big fan of Palmer's products and I'm absolutely in love with its Cocoa Butter Formula, not least for the scrumptious good-enough-to-eat smell. So fellow fans I'm sure will be pleased to know the brand's signature chocolately smell now also exists in the form of its body scrub.

As you beauties know, a good body scrub is a necessity. Along with helping to rid our skin of dead and dry skin, it's especially needed when prepping for and coming to the end of wearing of fake tan(!) I sometimes find some products flare up the odd patch of eczema I'm prone to on my arms, so I like products that are gentle as well as being good at doing their job. So when I spotted this newby on the shelf, it quickly found its way into my basket.

As you may be able to tell from the picture above, it's of quite thick consistency. This surprised me actually, but once scooped out of the tub, it quickly softens in your hands. The cocoa beans gently exfoliated my skin, leaving it extremely smooth (great for eliminating those stubborn dry patches pre-tanning) and, as it also contains moisturising ingredients, it was left feeling super soft, too. And the smell? Y-um-mmyyy!

Get you hands (and body) on some sharpish. Available here.



  1. That looks nice! Perfect for leg exfoliating before tanning!! I'm gonna have to look out for that here in the states... also, what is a "hen do"? I saw you mention it in your SH airbrush legs post?

  2. Hey Jesse, I've just had a look for you and if you click on this link (or copy and paste it into your browser) it will take you to the body scrub page where you can see the stockists http://www.palmers.com/product/detail.php?ID=1575&SID=1&SUB=271

    A hen do is what I think you guys in the States refer to as a bachelorette party! We have hen dos for the bride-to-be and stag dos for grooms-to-be! x