Beauty icon: Kristen Wiig

Hands up, who's seen Bridesmaids? If your hand is still by your side, you seriously need to make it your mission to get your girls together and make an evening of it, which is exactly what I did last night (those of you who follow me on Twitter will know how amazing I thought the film was!). After reading the odd review, and seeing the trailer on TV, though, it didn't actually surprise me - I knew we were in for a good time. However, what did come as a surprise was how unfamiliar I was with the Bridesmaids themselves. Until I Googled them. And it turns out lead actress in the film Kristen Wiig (top left) is somewhat of a beauty icon. She looks great in the movie, very pretty sporting a fab loose wave blonde bob, but what shocked me was how different she looks in "real life". Do those of you who have seen the film agree...?!

Pictures courtesy of zimbio.com and accesshollywood.com

After putting my extensive Google investigative skills to good use, I discovered Kristen is a rather familiar face in the US. She, along with fellow Bridesmaid and best friend in the film Rose Byrne (pictured with Kristen above), is part of the cast of Saturday Night Live - the well-known comedy sketch show that has celebrities including Britney, Justin and even our very own Ellie Goulding taking the pi** out of themselves  - and has appeared in TV show 30 Rock and comedy Knocked Up.

But, as these pics show, she's also got style. My favourite look on Kristen here has to be the mid-length two-tone (ala Drew Barrymore) hair and smokey eye look, although she really knows how to work a bold lip. I suspect Kristen's going to be one to watch in the near future.


What's your favourite Kristen Wiig look?

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