Tanning, the fair way

Being someone with rather fair skin, I've found I'm more successful at getting a tan from a bottle than I am from a beach, so I'm often on the look-out for those that give me a nice natural glow rather than a typical fake tan colour (which look even more fake on pale skins). My two favourites at the moment are L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro Dry Mist (for fair skins) and St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

I've found L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro Dry Mist to be unbelievably hassle-free. It creates a non-streaky tan, even without the whole day-after day-exfoliating and moisturising ritual, meaning it's particularly great for low maintenance types. Just spray it on (I always apply tan in the evening to let it develop overnight) and job's a good 'en. What's more, it dries super fast, so there's none of that dancing around to get it to dry quicker. I prefer to use this tan mid-week, however, as it creates a light golden glow – perfect for work. Word of advice – stand on a towel while applying unless you fancy going flying. 

It's currently priced at £11.63 at Boots with a saving of 1/3 off L'Oreal tan offer. And it's also available in Medium for darker skins.    

For me, St Tropez Bronzing Mousse is way up there on the tanning product scale. I find mousses to be less messy and easier to apply than creams, and this one by St Tropez doesn't leave you looking as though you've been caught up in a mud wrestle as it develops. Once rinsed off in the morning, I'm left with an even gorgeous not-too-dark bronze glow, which I've found is also lighter than the cream version, making it another pro fair skin tanner. As it is slightly darker than the L'Oreal spray, I prefer to use St Tropez for nights out and occasions. Do take the time to exfoliate pre-mousse tanning though with a good exfoliator like this one.

In terms of applying, I like to use St Tropez Latex Gloves

Happy tanning fellow fair skinned beauties :) xo

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