A brilliant way to scrub

I was first introduced to exfoliating gloves through a friend at university, and I am forever grateful as they've made exfoliating a breeze ever since. I've used various makes and models, but I haven't found any that compare to Soap & Glory's.

Available at most Boots stores, Soap & Glory isn't lying when it says they're "super exfoliating". What's great though is, because they are much thicker than most exfoliating gloves, and also incorporate a bobble effect, it means for a much better exfoliation. However, they feel kinder and smoother on the skin and don't leave it bright red. The elastic around the wrist is also thicker than any others I've tried, meaning they don't budge. Others I've found slacken quite quickly.

For those of you who are yet to try gloves of the exfoliating sort, just put them on, squirt on a dollop of your favourite shower gel or exfoliating scrub (I've been using them with this one at the mo), lather up and get to work - from the ankles up (helps with circulation). Trust me, you won't look back.



  1. I discovered exfoliating gloves at college, too! Love them!!

  2. This is a good idea, I always just use a loofa and body wash that I added a little Epsom Salt to. Gloves sound easier though!