Limited edition gift ideas from The Body Shop

With Christmas officially 60 days away today, and the DFS Christmas ad on the tele, I still have no intention of starting my gift shopping yet. For me, it's all about the last minute, whether it's packing for a holiday a few hours before setting off for the airport or tidying the house ten minutes before guests are due to arrive. And that goes for Christmas shopping too... and anyway, there's nothing better than rushing around getting the perfect presents for your loved ones in the seasonal hustle and bustle. However, I did get preparation envy when I heard one of my insanely organised friends started her Christmas shopping back in March – no "where the hell am I gonna find the money to pay for Christmas" worries for her. "It's all about spreading the costs," apparently. As if I didn't know.

So for those of you who, like me, vow every year to start your shopping earlier, you might like to know that The Body Shop has launched early bird, limited edition ranges for Christmas. The collections, comprising Candied Ginger; Cranberry Joy, Scrub & Moisture; White Musk Libertine Shower, Moisture and Spritz gift set; and the Fruit and Nut Body Butter Trio, are available now – a great way of ticking some names off your Christmas list who you weren't sure what to get. After all, who doesn't love The Body Shop?


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